Today’s Tip: Managing Your Child’s Diabetes (LINKS)

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A child’s diabetes diagnosis affects the whole family. Parents can get just as overwhelmed in dealing with this new health problem and all the things that go along with it. Here are some sites offering top tips – if your child is newly diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes, we recommend these places to start…

10 Tips for Managing Your Child’s Diabetes offers a very practical and information collection including the following tidbit: “Be mindful of your facial expressions and what you say, especially when you see an out of range blood glucose.  Stress to your child that there is no ‘bad’ blood glucose, because you want him or her to be honest about their blood glucose levels.”

Of course, the American Diabetes Association is going to be one of your first stops in the quest for information.

And although this is a UK site, you can still get a lot of information at – and there’s a section of fun games for the younger kids, too!

Finally, here’s a good guideline on dealing with your child’s feelings about their diabetes. It’s an emotional time for everybody and being prepared means less stress all around.

amazon everythng guideWe also recommend starting with this great cookbook, The Everything Guide to Cooking for Children with Diabetes by Moira McCarthy. Children resist change, especially when it comes to their diet. You’ll find tempting recipes even for picky eaters that will help manage their disease and change their eating habits for the better.


A Monster with a Smile Offers Reassurance


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Inside Verse: You’re still the same awesome kid you’ve always been!

This cute, smiling horned monster assures a diabetic boy or girl that having diabetes doesn’t make you a monster! Diabetes management – daily shots and blood tests or an insulin pump – can make a diabetic child feel weird and self conscious because the disease sets them apart from their peers. Give them a self confidence boost with this colorful, cheerful card and reassuring message!

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If you like this card, spread the word! We want kids with diabetes to feel safe, happy, and above all, loved.