Don’t Feel Like an Alien: For Diabetic Teen or Tween

©Doreen Erhardt, St. George Salon of Art LLC

Inside Verse: You’re the same great kid you’ve always been. Unless you painted yourself green since I last saw you!

it’s hard feeling different from your peers when you’re a kid diagnosed with diabetes. You feel … alienated! Doreen Erhardt uses a weird but cool bug-eyed alien, some sci-fi graphics and silhouettes of children on this humorous  card for all ages sending that they haven’t really changed. Visit Doreen’s Salon of Art shop for more great cards. Thanks, Doreen! 🙂

  • All inside verse is fully customizable – alter existing message and/or add your own sentiments.
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If you like this card, spread the word! We want kids with diabetes to feel safe, happy, and above all, loved.


Today’s Tip: For Teenagers with Diabetes

today tip for kids with cancer

diabetes group of kidsThe National Diabetes Education Program offers some great information to teens who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. This site should be your first stop for the clearly written and easily digestible facts without any fuss, great advice, and helpful links. Topics include Why Do Teens Get Diabetes? and Why Do I Need to Take Care of My Diabetes?

amazon raising teens with diabetes bookWe recommend Raising Teens with Diabetes (Moira McCarthy, Spry Publishing, 2013), an award-winning guide essential to parents of diabetic teenagers. This is a real “go-to” resource, almost like an encyclopedia for parents with a teenage son or daughter with diabetes. No medical jargon to plow through, no confusion, just lots of the right kind of essential advice in one package.