Robot with Teddy Bear Says, “Diabetes Sucks”

©Corrie Kuipers - all rights reserved

Inside Verse: I heard you were diagnosed with diabetes, so I know you’re feeling kind of down. That’s okay. I still think you’re great.

On a n orange chevron background, a humorousl robot clutching a sweet little teddy bear close tells a newly diagnosed diabetic child what it thinks of diabetes and it’s not mincing words! Excellent message of support and encouragement for most ages except the very youngest (even adults).

  • All inside verse is fully customizable – alter existing message and/or add your own sentiments.
  • Easy, convenient on-line ordering 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Purchased cards are in the mail the next business day
  • Envelope included with each card in order
  • Discounts for multiple card orders
  • Order on-line, get free in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at most Target stores

If you like this card, spread the word! We want kids (and teenagers and adults) with diabetes to feel safe, happy, and above all, loved. 🙂


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